Water Recycling Effluent Treatment Technology

Effluent Technology: We optimise manufacturing processes first - through water and input materials conservation; Including cascade rinsing , water recycling and grey water recovery. In every case, full capital and operational costings are provided enabling the client to make objective decisions.

“The common practice of simply ‘bolting on’ an ETP rarely offers the best result.” Puretech is able to offer, both continuous and batch treatment ETP processes, depending on environmental regulations.

Chemical and physico-chemical processes for the treatment of metal complexes.
Detoxification of harmful species.
Zero discharge concept whenever possible.
Cyanide oxidation processes.
Chromium Reduction techniques.
Heavy metals precipitation.
Evaporation (atmospheric and vacuum, heat pump and MVC).
Membrane technology .
Ion exchange resin.
Settlement systems.
Coagulation and flocculation systems.
Permanent media filtration.
Biological treatments.
Non-biodegradable COD control.

If you have a question regarding a specific ETP challenge or would like to discuss your effluent treatment needs with Puretech please contact us today and we'll do our best to help.

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Puretech Technology

pH, Heavy metals, Cyanide, "Hard" COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD, NDT penetrant and emulsifier rinses, metal working fluids, organic pollution, suspended solids, temperature and more.

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