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Homepage - Introduction to Puretech Environmental and the range of effluent treatment services.

Effluent Treatment - Puretech's use of latest effluent treatment and waste water treatment technologies to reduce waste water and capital expenditure.

Effluent Treatment Services - Puretech Environmental's services including effluent treatment consultancy, suppliers and waste water project management.

Waste Water Treament Projects - List of previously successful effluent treatment plant.

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Puretech Online Shop - Puretech's distributorship of effluent treatment equipment, parts and hardware for the waste water treatment industry.


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Puretech Effluent Treatment Services Online Shop Pages

PH Meters - Industrial pH meters ...pH/ORP programmable monitor and regulators.

Probe Holders and Cables - Immersion probe (electrode) holders convenient for all pH or ORP measurements in tank, drain, basin or open channel.

Temperature Probes - Versatile temperature probes made with PVDF and stainless steel construction.

Buffer Solutions - Standard buffer solution for all pH equipment testing and calibration.

Ph Electrodes - Industrial electrodes (probes) for multiple applications.

Float Switches - Fill-level switches for waste water pumping systems, industrial waste water and chemical tanks. Used to control any low and high level for liquids in all industries.

Resistive Sensors - Level control for electrically conductive liquid media - including water, wastewater, acids and brine.

External Level Indicators - Liquid Level reading through a complete 'Cat and Mouse' level indicator system. Adjustible with closed system option ideal for corrosive fuming chemicals.

Flow Indicators - Flow indicators (rotameters) for clear liquid flow rate measurements.

Large Flow Indicators - Large flow rate indicators (rotameters) for clear liquid flow rate measurements.

Flow Rate Switches - Bi-stable contact switch for use on IDP / PDP range of flow rate indicators.

Postage and Packing - postage and packing information.


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