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Industrial pH Meters

pH/ORP programmable monitor and regulator
4 relay outputs; 2 analog outputs (4-20 mA);
Automatic temperature compensation (pt100);
PID & PWM regulations available;
Delivers highly accurate readings.

Bamophox 106M PH Meter
PH Meter from Bamo
Product Information:
Wall Mounted version of the 106 pH Meter. Encased in IP65 durable and resistant casing. High quality build also allows for easy wiring and close proximity mounting.
  • Great Value!
  • 698.95+vat
Bamophox 106E PH Meter
pH meter 106E
Product Information: Versatile and affordable pH/ ORP meter with user friendly interface. Like the 106M it has the option to twin the display unit with a blind unit.
  • Great Value!
  • 519.95+vat
Bamophox 106M/A PH Meter
blind unit ph meter
Product Information:
(Full specification) Blind Unit for use with wall mounted 106M pH/ORP meter. Has a maximum connection length of 500 metres. Please Note: This only works in conjuction with an existing Bamophox 106 unit. ( Full details)
  • Great Value!
  • 569.95+vat
Bamophox 106E/A PH Meter
panel mounted ph metere blind unit
Product Information:
(Full specification) Blind Unit for use with panel mounted 106E pH/ORP meter. Has a maximum connection length of 500 metres. Please Note:This only works in conjuction with an existing Bamophox 106 unit. ( Full details)
  • Great Value!
  • 469.95+vat
Bamophox 106M + LOGBUS
wall mounted ph meter with log bus
Product Information:
Same Wall mounted pH/ORP meter as the 106M with the addition of a secure data logging terminal. N.B Data is stored on an MMC card readable on (included) Bamophox software only.
  • Great Value!
  • 865.95+vat
Bamophox 106E + LOGBUS
panel mounted ph meter
Product Information: Same panel mounted pH/ORP meter as the 106E with the addition of a secure data logging terminal. N.B Data is stored on an MMC card readable on (included) Bamophox software only.
  • Great Value!
  • 679.95+vat

Bamophox 106 - Full Product Description

The BAMOPHOX 106 offers high flexibility on use mixing different built-in programmes for regulation, thresholds, temperature compensation, and alarms. The 2 lines back lighted display, 16 alphanumerical characters, gives an easy measurement and temperature reading in any conditions. It also displays the configuration menu and settings of thresholds, analogical outputs, operation data modes, calibration steps. To allow a quick and easy diagnostic after configuration a simulation program is built-in with direct actuation on contacts outputs, analogical outputs and PID regulation. A copy of the signal on the 4-20 mA output is galvanic insulated; it can be set up within the all range of the parameter. Temperature measurement is also available on a 4-20 mA output (this output is not available when PID regulation is in use).

Bamophox 106

BAMOPHOX 106, pH-Meter and mV-Meter

  • pH/ORP programmable monitor and regulator
  • Alphanumeric back lighted LCD display
  • Friendly using menu
  • Scales: 0 - 14 pH and ± 1000 mV through configuration
  • Temperature compensation
    Automatic or manual
  • 2 analogical outputs 0/4-20mA
    galvanic insulated
  • 4 relay outputs (Normally Open contacts)
  • 1 input to switch the regulation on Stand-by
  • 2 models available:
    Panel mounting 72 x 144 (Model 106E)
    Wall mounting IP 65 (Model 106M)
  • Extension for 2nd measurement input

Extension Terminal
An extension terminal (wall, panel mounting or DIN rail mounting):

  • Allows a second measurement parameter (pH, Conductivity,
  • Chlorine, Turbidity, Flow, and 4-20 mA, depending of the model)
  • The data from this blind device are displayed on the main device (second line display).
  • A 4 wires shielded cable is necessary to link both devices (maximum length of 500m)
  • The options RS422 and the data logger are shared between both Bamophox.

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Technical Features:

Displayed parameters: Measurement values pH/ORP - Configuration Menu - Temperature value

Display: Back lighted - 2 lines of 16 alphanumerical characters ; 9,2 mm high

Indication: LED alarms status

Configuration: 8 push buttons keyboard on front face - Keyword protected

Scales: 0 to 14 pH pH–meter configuration / ±1000 mV ORP–meter configuration

Accuracy: ± 0,03 pH or ± 3 mV

Input impedance: 1013 Ω

Probe input: coaxial connector, code 9054

Temperature compensation: Automatic with an input for a 3 wires Pt 100 Ohm/0°C range, 0…100°C, Manually from 0…100°C

Relay outputs: 4 closing contacts (Silver alloy), voltage free

Thresholds: 3 programmable independent thresholds - with adjustable hysteresis 0…100% and adjustable timer from 0 to 9999 sec
Output relay (S4) Common alarm signal for: Too long injection.

Temperature out of range: - pH>14 or open loop
- Pt 100 Ω dysfunction or probe cleaning function

Contact: Initial resistance 100 mΩ as a maximum (voltage drop 6 V DC 1 A)
Rated at 831 V AC / 3 A / 277 V AC ; 90 W / 3 A / 30 V DC
Switching capacity (minimum) 100 mA, 5 V DC (depending of switching frequency, ambient conditions, accuracy)
Mechanical life time (minimum) 5 x106 operations (180 commutation/min)
Electrical life time (minimum) 2 x105 (20 comm./min) [3 A, 125 V AC], [3 A, 30 V DC]
and 105(evaluated charge) for 3 A, 125 V AC

ON/OFF Regulation: Pulse time 0…9999 sec - High and low proportional bandwidth, high and low dead zone

PID Regulation: Proportionality 0…200%, - Integrant and Derivative: 0…999 second

Calibration sequence: Regulation on standby, relay outputs inhibited,
analogical outputs stand on last values

Self-cleaning program: Frequency and duration settings, with regulation inhibited
and analogical outputs standing on last values

Measurement output: 0/4-20 mA (maxi 600 Ω proportional to measurement, galvanic insulated

Temperature output / PID: 0/4-20 mA (max 600 Ω, scaling 0…100°C, galvanic insulated

Program Testing: simulation through the menu on measurement, temperature,
PID and relays outputs

Main power supply: 230 V AC / 50-60 Hz [other on request] - Consumption 10 VA

Models: Panel mounting, IP65, 72 x 144 mm, connections on screw terminal IP40
Idem DIN Rail mounting, only for blind monitor
Wall mounting, IP65, cable glands, connections on screw terminal

OPTION (RS 422 + Logger)
RS422 output, J-BUS link, binary slave mode, 2400 to 9600 bauds
Data Logger:
Cycle average measurement record, with a programmable period,
150000 records maxi on MMC (multi media card) / External driver necessary

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