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Hydrostatic level sensor

Simple hydrostatic level sensor producing a 4-20mA output (2 wires). Easy adjustment of min. and max. volume. Suitable for visquous and high solids content liquid such as lime slurry and sodium hydroxide.

Hydrostatic level sensor
Cheap hydrostatic level sensor. Mempro. Buy on line
Product Information:
Two measuring ranges available : 0-2.5m and 0-4m. Mempro head is placed at the top of the tank whilst the tube reaches the bottom. Made in PVC. Use only with 20mmOD metric PVC pipe to be glued (Not included) on the Mempro head. PP and S/S are also available. Contact us.
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Mempro in Action
hydrostatic level sensor mempro explanation
Hydrostatic level sensor Explanation:
The rising level of liquid applies an increasing pressure (hydrostatic pressure) to the air trapped inside the 20mmOD pipe (column). This pressure is measured by a capacitive cell, placed at the top of tank, which in turn delivers the linear electric signal (4-20mA). The sensitivity of the measuring cell can be adjusted (See factsheet). Advantages are that it can be used with foaming liquid, visquous solution, high solids content slurry.

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  Mempro Instructions

The Mempro head is delivered without the stem. The proposed model is made out of PVC. Installation simply requires to glue the suitable length (i.e. height of tank) of 20mmOD metric PVC pipe onto the supplied head. Wiring can be done using cable such as LIYCY 2 cores 0.75mm2.

Hydrostatic level sensor - Mempro

  • Ceramic pressure sensor
  • No moving parts
  • For aggressive and/or highly viscous fluids
  • For contaminated and crystallizing liquids
  • Reliable measurement at ambient temperature
  • Output signal 4-20 mA, 2 wires
  • Wetted parts: Stem: PVC, PP or stainless steel; Sensor: ceramic in contact with vapours
  • Independent from fluid viscosity or conductivity
  • Ranges from 400 mm to 4000 mm of liquid head

  • FLEXIBLE STEM version, ATEX model, controller version, are also available on demand.


MEMPRO level transmitters are designed for level in tank at atmospheric pressure, open tank or basin. When the level rises, the fluid rises inside the tube. The pressure of air trapped inside increases as well. This pressure corresponds to the height of the water column outside (from the bottom tube end). The ceramic pressure sensor delivers a signal 4-20 mA equivalent to the level of fluid. This type of level transmitter is not affected by contaminated liquids or crystallizing fluids, as long as the stem is not blocked (a union can be fitted on the stem for easy dismantling and cleaning. As an option, a venting module can be connected for purging the column; it resets the air column if temperature varies during the process. MEMPRO transmitters are suitable for aggressive liquids since the wetted parts are of PVC, PP or stainless steel for the stem and ceramic for the sensor. Different scales are available, with various sensitivity (set up with dipswitches).


Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Ex II 2 G EEx ia IIC T6 Category 2 Ex II 1/2 G EEx ia IIC T6 Category Only for connection to certified, intrinsically safe measuring circuits. Ui = 30V, Ii = 300 mA, Pi = 1.0 W Quotation on request

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