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Industrial Electrodes

Excellent value industrial electrodes (probes) for multiple applications.

pH Electrode (9308 RP)
ph electrode
Product Information:
Gel combined pH electrode for use up to liquid temperatures of 60°C. Fits with Bamo probe holder and cables.
  • Great Value!
  • 92.95+vat
Platinum Electrode (9318 RD)
Product Information:
Platinum electrode for general ORP application. Probe for use up to liquid temperatures of 60°C. Fits with Bamo probe holder and cables.
  • Great Value!
  • 109.95+vat
Gold Electrode (9319 R )
Product Information: Gold electrode recommended for cyanide oxidation process. Probe for use up to liquid temperatures of 60C. Fits with Bamo probe holder and cables.
  • Great Value!
  • £158.95+vat
Probe Holder (9336/PVC)
Product Information:
For all pH or ORP measurements in tank, drain, basin or open channel. Made in PVC for a single electrode. Note: Standard length is 1m. Please call us if Polypropylene or stainless steel version is required.
  • Great Value!
  • £109.95





Reference System

If there is not a special mention, all our electrodes use a reference system as Ag/AgCl with a porous reference junction in ceramic: theoretical zero is at pH 7 (0 mV).
Theoretical gain is close to 58 mV per pH units (at 20°C).

PH Combination Electrodes

Glass and reference electrodes are always as a combination system.
The glass electrode is totally protected by the surrounding low resistance electrolyte from the reference electrode.
The measurement area corresponds to axial centered wire.

ORP Combination Electrodes

For these electrodes, the glass bulb is replaced by a metallic ring, Platinum or Gold, according to the application.
Gold ring electrodes are mainly used for ORP measurement in liquids containing cyanides.
All Other information about combination pH electrodes is applicable on ORP combination electrodes.


Electrodes are combined gel filled (no filling up is necessary).


All electrodes are 12 ±0.5 mm external diameter, fitting with thread connection and electrical plug for a specific 9054 connector.
A Pg 13.5 connection insures the perfect sealing.


Any industrial electrode must fit on an adapted electrode holder, in order to protection it and to optimize the measurements.
- For immersion in tank or open channel flume, please see the documentation 130, 135 and 145.
- For in-line flow through cells please see the documentation 140 and 141.
Please Note: Electrode must always be immersed in liquid.

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