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Puretech offers a full project management portfolio for effluent treatment plant that covers design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, performance guarantees and on-going maintenance services across the world.

"Effluent treatment is a means to an end for our customer, often seen as 'cost centre.' So our task is to take as much pressure as possible off their shoulders by designing an operator dedicated plant, as automated as possible to fit within their operations."

Q. Have you got any effluent treatment issues?
We immediately look at your manufacturing efficiency and look to optimise it. You as the client can then take advantage of our complete range of services from design through installation to resolve your specific issues.

Q. Do you have any IPPC challenges or issues with your Water Service PLC?
Puretech can supply reports and studies on the environmental implications of your existing installations. We can consult you on the actions to be taken in upgrading existing ETP facilities - we can even liaise with the Water Board directly on your behalf.

Q. Are you after a single place where you can buy all your effluent related products and services?
Not only we design, install and commission new installations, we also provide all consumables and spares to maintain your effluent treatment plant. Our technicians can also come to your site for routine maintenance and repair.

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Effluent Plant Equipment Effluent Treatment Consultancy

Puretech, as well as supplying plant and equipment, is able to offer services based on its expertise in relation to a broad range of issues. We can produce:

A mass balance analysis of your operations
Process and Instrumentation drawings
Layout drawings emphasizing the ergonomics of the plant
A Diagnosis of your existing effluent plant
An improvement plan in anticipation of tighter discharge limits
Your standard operating procedures
Prepare your IPPC permit application on you behalf and liaise with the E.A.

Design Services

3D CAD Services

Puretech has a complete suite of cutting edge design facilities including full 3D CAD design. It also has chemical engineering and fluid dynamics tools for optimum vessel and pipe layout. This allows us to deliver to clients quality, on time and on budget.

Other Useful Services...

Post Build Services: We can carry out routine maintenance services for waste water and other ETP facilities. We also carry out process automation, plc control and computerised plant management and data retrieval systems with off-site access.

Refurbished Equipment: The supply of previously used and refurbished equipment e.g. pumps, reactors and storage vessels.

Distribution: Puretech is proud to be the only distributor in the UK of Bamo effluent treatment equipment, parts and hardware. We currently stock the most popular and most commonly used parts by our plant owners and clients.

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