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Our Effluent treatment and waste water treatment projects have covered the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance of effluent plants across different industry sectors and across the world.


Puretech's Recent Projects

Ion exchange recycling unit for chromic anodising rinse and batch reactorClient: G.E.T. (Southend)

Brief: Effluent treatment plant and ion exchange recycling unit for a large chromic anodising rack plant. G.E.T. is an aerospace sub-contractor operating under the stringent Nadcap requirement and other aerospace industry approvals. It is one of the largest chromic anodising plant in the UK.

Solution: Puretech Environmental engineers designed a specific and efficient spray rinsing system coupled with an equally performant ion exchange recycling unit operating at 5m3/h. The resulting effluent is processed in the well proven standard batch reactor (10m3 capacity).

Result: The discharged effluent achieves 100% compliance with the discharge limits : 1ppm on total chromium, 0.1ppm on hexavalent chromium. The quality of the final rinse on the chromic anodising line is kept below 1μS/cm and thanks to the unique overall water management system the volume of discharged effluent is kept below 2m3 per day.

"Puretech Environmental came up with an original yet simple and efficient integrated design. The quality of our product has been enhanced. We are so pleased with it that we have awarded them the contract to install similar system for our Midlands' plant " Andrew Varley - G.E.T.

zinc nickel plating effluent treatmentClient: Penn Engineering in Galway (Eire)

Brief: Effluent treatment for a new acid zinc plating and zinc alloys plating (inc. zinc nickel) lines capable of processing 120m2/h.The required discharge limit was 5ppm total metal

Solution: Fruit of a close design development with the plating line manufacturer (Jacquet Weston Engineering) and with the use of eco-rinse, several stages cascade rinsing, the effluent volume is only 16m3 per day. This enabled the implementation of a 20m3 batch reactor and a specific treatment of zinc alloy stream.

Result: The process developed by Puretech's chemical engineers associates the use of specific reagents, standard batch reactor and specifically design treatment program. Week in, week out the batch reactor delivers a processed effluent under 3ppm total metal, when the raw effluent is in excess of 100ppm solely on zinc

project management water treatmentClient: E.C. Williams (Birmingham – UK)

Brief: EC Williams had been asked by the Environment Agency to upgrade their effluent treatment plant and bund the entire plant. EC Williams was concerned about the potential impact of such work on their production and its financial consequences.

Solution: Puretech Environmental came up with a taylor made technical solution to correctly bund the entire effluent plant.

Using their design, management and fitting skills they completed the plant revamping in less than seven days from removal of the existing plant to commissioning of the new one featuring 2 storage and pumping tanks (2m3) and 2 reactors (4 and 6m3) including their instrumentation. See Surfaceworld Article


"Puretech's Environmental's performance was outstanding and exceeded all my expectations; I was especially pleased there was no disruption to the company's production operations." Henrik Skouby - E C Williams Ltd

batch process water treatment spray rinsingClient: Anodising Solutions (Camberley – UK)

Brief: Anodising solutions wished to extend the range of surface engineering solutions offered to their aerospace customers. These included Alocrom, Chromic anodising and sulphuric anodising. The space available and budget were limited yet large quantity of hexavalent chromium had to be dealt with.

Solution: Puretech Environmental designed a spray rinsing system coupled with an ion exchange resin system that ensured a high quality rinsing and a low regeneration frequency of the resin.

Using the versatility of the Puretech's standard batch reactor, and the development of the treatment program, all the various sources of effluent can be processed in the same reactor. The client then immediately benefits of the space minimisation and reduced investment.


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